Amazing Pottery Gifts From Egypt-Fayoum Pottery

The pottery is one of the oldest crafts known in Egypt since the early beginnings of the settlement of the Ancient Egyptians on the Nile Valley during the Neolithic period .
Our knowledge about Egyptian pottery is derived from various sources, either ancient or modern. Scattered tombs and temples representations , workshop models, and some texts have provided valuable contemporary testimony on ancient Egyptian ceramic production , technology and function .
With the invention of the potter’s wheel, the craft of pottery production experienced innovations in shapes, fabrics and decorations since the ancient Egyptian times until today .
Pottery making and usages are the best example of the continuity of the cultural elements throughout the Egyptian civilization .
The basic raw material of pottery production is clay. The Egyptian potters favored two major clay types: the Nile alluvial clay and the marl clay. The first type was
deposited on the Nile's floodplain, covering most of the Delta region and Upper Egypt. This type would turn into Grey or Black color when fired. The second type, marl clay “ called also “Tafla“ was formed among the calcareous shale, mud stone and limestone along the
Nile valley (between Esna in the South and Cairo in the North, especially Qena). This type would turn into creamy color when burnt, and would turn into dark
green when burnt at a high temperature. A third type, the Egyptian Kaolin clay, found in Aswan, Kharga and Dakhla Oasis, was rarely used
During the Greco Roman era some Terracotta figurines and oil lamps with orange color, found in Alexandria, might have been a result of mixing types of clay, or a result of firing clay at a certain temperature.
Modern Egypt has also some unique pottery treasures. For example ; Nazla village is one of three pottery production sites at Fayoum and is located in the embrace of Nazla Valley, a site of outstanding intangible cultural heritage importance as it is one of the rare Egyptian sites which produces terracotta pottery from Nile silt using Ancient Egyptian techniques.
Another attraction in Fayoum pottery school . Located in the lovely village called “Tunis “ has some beautiful pottery items that reflects modern Egypt using traditional country themes. These items make great Press Here For Treasure Items gifts and very useful at home.

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